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Worship & The Arts

WorshipArtsLogoSmallbAt The Grove, we believe that worship is about more than just music and getting together weekly to sing. Worship is how we are to live our lives as Christians in our decisions, our actions and our words. When we come to worship together, our goal is be in God's presence, connecting with His message through music and the arts so we can better reflect Him in our lives. If you're interested in serving in the Worship & The Arts ministry, please go to our Serve Team page for more information.

We seek to utilize the arts for His glory, and not our own. From music and visual arts, to media, written-word and more, The Grove's Worship & The Arts Ministry exists to:

MAGNIFY God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit,
CONNECT people to the Word and ministry of Jesus
ENCOURAGE spiritual growth and
SERVE through the leading of worship.